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Tenant Fees Act – what are we doing to help agents comply?

What are we doing to help agents comply with the Tenant Fees Act 2019?

We’re making some changes on Rightmove to help lettings agents comply with the Act. Lisa explains all in this 6 minute video, or you can read the details below.

The new legislation requires agents with properties in England for let to publish the following information on Rightmove as well as other third party websites from 1st June 2019:

  • Permitted payments
  • Details of your membership and name of the redress scheme
  • Details of your membership and name of any client money protection (CMP) scheme

Agents are already required to publish the details above on their own websites under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

What about agents who let properties in Wales?

Agents advertising Welsh properties for let are not required to include redress and CMP scheme details on Rightmove, only permitted payments.  However, you do have to display this information on your own website.  Once the “Renting Homes (Fees etc) (Wales) Bill” is enacted and takes effect later this year, these agents will be required to publish their permitted payments on Rightmove (in addition to their own websites).


Where to display the new information on Rightmove

Currently agents are required to display their fees on Rightmove using the ‘Fees Apply’ link found alongside the price of rental properties.

After 1st June, we’ll change this link to ‘Tenancy Info’ so that prospective tenants can see all the relevant information in one place.

We recommend that lettings agents use this “Tenancy Info” space on Rightmove to display all the required information under the Act.  The information can be updated either via Rightmove Plus or through your software provider if you upload your properties to Rightmove via a datafeed.

You may choose to display the information required under the Tenant Fees Act in other areas of Rightmove such as your Agent Microsite or Brand Profile page.

Making compliance as simple as possible

We want to make meeting the requirements of the new legislation on Rightmove as easy as possible, so we‘ve created some guide text to help you outline any permitted fees and publish your redress and client money protection information.

Please be aware that this guide text is meant to help your understanding of the information you need to display on Rightmove, but does not constitute legal advice. You should always seek out your own independent legal advice for specific queries.

I want to see the guide text

What happens if you don’t update the tenancy information with the required information?

If you don’t update your listings to meet the requirements under the Act, you risk being prosecuted.  Rightmove has provided template wording to help guide you about the information required to be published, but this is simply a guide and should not be relied on for compliance.

Supplying the required information to us

If you upload your properties to Rightmove from your agency software through a datafeed:


  1. List any permitted payments
  2. Details of your membership and name of the redress scheme
  3. Details of your membership and name of any client money protection (CMP) scheme


The information required under the Act will appear in the box on the property details page currently called “Fees apply”.  We’ll be updating that box to “Tenancy Info” in time for 1st June 2019.

Ask your software provider for guidance on whether you should continue to enter information regarding permitted fees, CMP and your redress scheme as required by the Act, in the same area where you publish your fees to meet current requirements.  If you’re not aware where to enter this information in your software, please ask your provider.

Different software providers have different solutions that may mean you can set up one set of information for your company or brand while others may require that you enter the information on a property by property basis.

We are communicating with datafeed providers to help them prepare for the changes.  If you or your software provider needs further assistance, our specialist Data Feed Team can help.


If you haven’t already spoken to your software provider, ask them where you should be entering the information required under the Act so that it comes through your Real Time Data Feed to Rightmove in time for 1st June 2019.  We’d be happy to provide your software provider with advice if they need it.

Ask our Data Feed team for support on 01908 712359 or email

If you upload your properties manually to Rightmove using Rightmove Plus:

We’ll help you update all your live properties on Rightmove with the relevant information all at once so that all your listings are compliant in time for the 1st June 2019.

We’ve created an online form to help you give us the required information for each of your branches which we’ll then use to update all the properties you are advertising as of 29th May 2019.

Fill out and submit this form before 15th May 2019 if you want us to update all your rental properties at one time for you. We will update the “Tenancy Info” box with the information you’ve submitted through the form across all your properties on 29th May 2019.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  If you choose to have us update your properties in this way, you will only be able to charge permitted payments and not current tenant fees during the period between 29th May and 1st June 2019, as the new  compliant text will replace your current Fees Apply information.

If we don’t receive your form on or before 15th May, you will need to manually update your properties in Rightmove Plus individually before 1st June 2019.

Before you fill out this form:

  • Do not use this form if you upload your properties to Rightmove using your agency software through a data feed.
  • Do not use this form unless you’ve clicked to it from an email we’ve sent to you – that is because we identify which brand/branches we should update with the correct information using a personalised URL – please go to an email we’ve sent to you with a link to this page before filling out this form.

Fill out the form here

Following the 1st June 2019, you’ll need to enter the required information in Rightmove Plus for each property you upload.


  1. List any permitted payments
  2. Details of your membership and name of the redress scheme
  3. Details of your membership and name of any client money protection (CMP) scheme


In the Tenancy Info box when you add properties in Rightmove Plus.  Find it by following these steps:

  1. Login to Rightmove Plus
  2. Choose “Property List” from the menu
  3. On the “Details” tab, enter the required text into the “Tenancy Info”
  4. Save and continue as normal


You will need to include this information for each property every time you upload a new property to Rightmove.

Remember that if a property has become available again after being let previously, you should create a new listing and include the relevant text in the Tenancy Info box rather than making the old listing available again.


How can we help?

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