Rightmove Inspire: Tomorrow’s change starts today…

The inspiration is in your people and teams.

The implementation brings positive change in your business.

The approach is unlike anything you have seen before….

Set in a warehouse location in the heart of Liverpool’s creative quarter, we are proud to invite you to a business development event unlike any other…

Round One: The Actions

Two passionate and successful advocates of change enter the Rightmove Ring, they have three rounds to pull out the punches to inspire you. Their clear actions, if implemented could bring new success to your business, your teams, your leadership, your mind set.

Round two: The Implementation

Post-battle, you will have 30 minutes with our guests to work out how to implement their ideas and actions into your business. Collectively working out what’s right for you.

(Drinks and brain food on tap will keep your minds working strong!)

Round three: The Motivation

You have been inspired, now let’s do something with that inspiration and turn it into motivation.

Doors open 13:00, 9th November 2017 – Hanger34, Liverpool

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