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Indefinite Rent Guarantee cover

Indefinite rent protection for your landlords, at our lowest ever price

Rent Guarantee protects your management fee, and your landlord's rental income, if a tenant falls into arrears. Win-win. To give you maximum peace of mind, our Rent Guarantee policy now offers indefinite cover. This means your landlord's rent is protected for as long as it takes to get their property back. With our prices starting from under £100 per year, there's no better time to wrap Rent Guarantee into your managed service.

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Rent Guarantee -  Everything you need to know:

Why use Rent Guarantee?

Rent Guarantee insurance is a win-win for both landlords and agents.

Your landlord gets the peace of mind that they’ll get paid their rent every month, and you still receive your management fee income, even if the tenant can’t or won’t pay their rent.  58% of landlords say they’re concerned about tenants going into arrears, so it solves a real problem for your landlords (Rightmove survey of 583 full and part time landlords, 2021).

The main benefit for agents is being able to enhance the managed service you offer to landlords by including Rent Guarantee. This helps you retain existing landlords (by providing a better service) and attract new ones (with your improved service offering).

Lots of agents offer this service to landlords at the same cost as they pay for it, as a way to provide extra value and enhance their relationship. Others add on a small margin and use it to justify increasing their management fee. The choice is yours.

Finally, it saves you time to focus on the important things. With Rightmove’s policy, the claims team and legal experts do all the work involved in claiming possession, leaving you to get on with your day job.

How does Rent Guarantee insurance work?

If a tenant can’t or won’t pay rent, the insurer pays you (the agent) every month. You can then deduct your management fee as normal before passing the rest onto the landlord.

That’s more important than ever at the moment, with continued uncertainty and large backlogs in the courts that aren’t expected to improve for at least another year.

Whereas some Rent Guarantee policies only pay out rent for a certain number of months, our policy offers indefinite cover*. This means your landlord’s rent is protected until they get their property back and you receive your management fee income every month.

Rightmove’s Rent Guarantee policy also includes the costs of evicting a tenant, including the legal work, and a mediation service – taking the hassle away from you.

What makes Rightmove's Rent Guarantee policy different?

As Rightmove is a household name it makes it easier for you to offer a service to landlords that’s backed by a brand they know and trust.

On top of that, we’re one of the only providers to offer indefinite* rental protection. That means we pay the rent for as long as the claims process takes, unlike most other providers that only pay for a specified amount of months. This means you can have easier conversations with your landlords, offering peace of mind in an environment of uncertainty and continued court delays.

Finally, our very competitive pricing means you can offer all of this as a price that maximises your income as well as delivering a great service to your landlords, backed by a brand they know and trust.

How much does it cost?

We've designed our pricing to be as competitive as possible in every market.

You can get an indefinite, no excess Rent Guarantee policy for less than £100, with prices capped at £190 including IPT for rents up to £2,000 per month.

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What does Rightmove's policy include, specifically?

Our policy includes:

  • Indefinite cover - rent is paid for as long as it takes to get your landlord's property back
  • 100% of the rent paid (up to £2,500 per month)
  • Up to £50,000 for any one claim
  • Legal expenses paid for any breach of the tenancy agreement - including squatters
  • An extra 50% of the rent for three months if the property can't be re-let due to damages or neglect caused by the tenant
  • No excess
  • No "no claims" period
  • Notices served
  • Cover for alternative accommodation and storage
  • Market-leading mediation tools to give a landlord the best chance of getting their property back faster

How to position Rent Guarantee to your landlords

58% of landlords say they’re concerned about tenants going into arrears (Rightmove survey of 821 landlords, 2021). But we know that it can be difficult to persuade a landlord to take out a Rent Guarantee policy if they’ve never personally experienced a tenant going into arrears.

Here are some stats that should help you convince your landlords that Rent Guarantee is worthwhile:

14 months - the average time it is currently taking for a landlord to achieve a repossession on a property (Source - UK Govt)

£1,047 - the average UK monthly rent (Source - Rightmove Rental Trends Tracker, Q3 2021)

£2,200 - the average legal and court costs for evicting a tenant (Source)

Most landlords will therefore take a hit of over £10,000 if they need to evict a tenant. Could they afford that?



*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to eligibility criteria. Always check the policy wording for full benefits and exclusions. Rent guarantee payments may be paid for an indefinite number of months until vacant possession is gained, except where the tenant provides a valid defence to the eviction in which case payments are capped at 12 months. Total payment for any one claim is capped at £50,000

"Less than £100" pricing is Based on a monthly rent of £375. Annual premium £95.76 including IPT at 12%. Payable monthly at no extra charge. 12 month Rent Guarantee cover for rents between £701 and £2,000 per month is £190 including IPT at 12%. Payable monthly at no extra charge. 

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