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Regulation of Property Agents (RoPA) with David Cox, ARLA Propertymark and Mark Hayward, NAEA Propertymark

Webinar recorded live on

The government has proposed a new regulatory framework to cover estate agents across the UK and lettings agents in England – including mandatory qualifications.

As advocates of increased professionalism and a strict code of standards, Propertymark has welcomed this proposal. In this webinar, David and Mark outlined what’s likely to be enforced, how this could affect the industry and the potential new requirements you can start preparing for today.

Questions answered during the live broadcast;

  1. What is RoPA and why is it happening?
  2. I’ve been ARLA regulated for 20 years will I need to re-sit qualifications?
  3. Sounds very similar to the Scottish Government letting agent registration scheme. Will these new regulations also cover Scotland?
  4. Can 1 person per office be qualified, or does everyone (inc Saturday staff) need to be qualified?
  5. If I do sales work and lettings work do I need two qualifications and two licenses?
  6. I took one of the exams about 10 years ago and passed but the legislation has changed since, will this still count?
  7. What about modern apprenticeships which are available through the levy?
  8. What about part time staff, apprentices, interns? do they need to be covered too?
  9. If I want to employ new staff who are new to the industry, can they not work for me until they have the level 3 qualification?
  10. Could there be some qualifications introduced that would be more specific to individuals roles i.e. if staff only carry out viewings but do not get involved in setting up tenancies or maintaining properties?
  11. As Director of the business would you recommend I take ARLA level 3 first and then level 4 or head straight into Level 4.  If I did take level 3 first would I have to then sit the whole of level 4 or would it be some type of top up qualification?
  12. Can I start studying for this today?  If not, when is it available?
  13. I have had a Real Estate Management Post Graduate Diploma from University and have been an ARLA member for long time. Would I need a top up and resit the exam?
  14. Is there a joint EA / Lettings level 3 and 4 qualification?
  15. What is the difference between level 3 and level 4 qualifications?
  16. When is this requirement due to become compulsory?
  17. How does it help me recruit new people to the industry?
  18. I am a sole trader, do I need two licences – one for my business and one for me?
  19. How much is it going to cost?
  20. How long does the course take?
  21. How will Propertymark membership evolve once agents are signing up to a new regulator?
  22. Does this include firms that are RICS regulated? And as such do RICS members have to take this qualification?
  23. I understand, my membership can only be renewed three times as a student.  What happens if I have not passed the exam by then?
  24. How many designated bodies will there be?
  25. Are there any plans for minimum hours of CPD post Level 3 and level 4?
  26. Once the industry is regulated and agents are qualified to the required standard – is there still a benefit in paying to be a member of NAEA etc?
  27. What are the timelines?
  28. What should I do now?
David Cox - CEO of ARLA Propertymark
Mark Hayward - CEO NAEA Propertymark