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Your guide to making the most of price reductions

If it becomes clear a property is overpriced, here are our recommendations for a successful reduction.

1. Line up a video or virtual tour

Do this before you relaunch the property and promote this using our flexible online viewing features. You’ll attract buyers who might be nervous about undertaking a physical viewing in the current climate. Find out more.

2. Make your reduction meaningful (2% or more)

If you drop the price by 2% or more, the property will automatically be sent out again on an email alert to our database of registered, keen buyers.

3. Relaunch your property at the top of the Rightmove listings

Featured Property is the fastest and most effective way to increase your exposure to our audience of active buyers and tenants. It automatically places your property at the top of the search results page, typically resulting in at least double the detail views of a standard Rightmove listing. That gives you the best chance of maximising enquiries and finding a buyer or tenant quickly.

If you’d like your Account Manager to get in touch to discuss how we can help you make the most of price reductions, let us know via the form below.