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New Automated Online Viewing Features are now live for Overseas Agents and Developers

We recently shared details of our new Online Viewing features with optional automation and tracking. Did you miss it? Read it here.

The new features are included in your Rightmove membership and can help you:

• Keep safe with fewer physical viewings
• Save time with optional automation
• Spot the hottest leads using video interactions to help you prioritise
• Convert more buyers – Get potential buyers engaged with your property before they visit to make them more likely to convert when they can travel to view

Login to Rightmove Plus to get started in 3 steps

Step 1: From the Property List in Rightmove Plus

1. Spot it
See at a glance which properties have the online viewing label

2. Add it
Click the Online Viewing button to:
• Add video
• Activate the online viewing label
• Enable auto-response
• Send manual email


Step 2: Choose your option for using online viewings


Option 1
Use the online viewing label + option on the lead form

Option 2
Use the online viewing label + option on the lead form + share video in your own branded page via email link


Option 2 unlocks all these benefits:


Top tip: Short-staffed? Use the auto-response to reply automatically to anyone who expresses an interest in online viewings. Then prioritise the leads that indicate an interest after viewing the video.


Step 3: Track your video interactions using the Lead Report in Rightmove Plus


By the viewers

1 – Filter to see leads with requests for online viewing

2 – See the video interactions at a glance for each lead

By the property

1 – Download total video interactions for this property (auto-response + manual sends)

2 – See the video interactions for auto-response emails at a glance for each property


Can’t see Lead Reports in Rightmove Plus?

We restrict access to the Lead Reports to help keep your customer’s data secure. If you can’t see the Lead Reports on your menu in Rightmove Plus, it might be because you don’t currently have permission to see these reports.

Ask our Customer Support Team to change your permissions by emailing us at