Make webinars part of your training

We contacted agents and experts across the country and gathered content to build our FREE, QUICK and EASY webinars, aimed at improving your team and uncovering new opportunities in 30 minute sessions.

We’ve run nearly 200 of these bite sized training sessions between August ’16 and August ’17, helping nearly 16,000 attendees brush up their skills and learn a few new tricks. From clever ways to use Rightmove Intel to find new instruction opportunities and a beginner’s guide to email marketing to find new sellers and landlords.

Check out our free webinars by clicking here or via the webinar link at the top of the site.

What you’ve said about our webinars:

“Loved it and will be back for more webinars!”
Donna Vincent, Millbank Estate Agents

“Really good webinar. Well-presented and plenty of useful tips”
Lisa Kay, Martin & Co, Witney

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