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Planning for the year ahead

Here's our guide on how to plan ahead for each season

The summer months see the highest volume of sales falling through. Having a strategy for managing your pipeline is vital during the summer months.

With so many people away on holiday, communication and setting expectations are key. A potential selling point for your agency could be how you handle this tricky period when completing a sale.

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Standout numbers

One third

of all fall throughs happen over the summer


increase in lettings leads from Rightmove from summer 2017 to 2018

Dates for your calendar

The second week in August is consistently the busiest month of the year for rental email leads

Lettings leads each month

While your competitors are focused on encouraging valuations of resale properties, it could be the perfect time to switch your attention to managing a smooth completion for your clients and see how you can grow your business in the lettings market.

Source: 1. Rightmove data, August 2018

Lettings are hot in the summer

The summer is a great time to think about how you position your lettings business, as demand is at its peak for the year.

Karl Knipe

Partner - Kings Group

“During the summer months, our emphasis changes slightly. We spend a little more time focusing on the transactions agreed in spring and early summer. Being available to help them get over the line to exchange is important.

We’ve noticed that sales have taken a little longer to transact once agreed over the last year or so. That’s why it’s vital an agent understands the individual details behind each sale and can manage the situation until it’s reached a conclusion.

External factors can affect things, such as the World Cup, the Olympics, political change and the economy. However, you can embrace this and use it to your advantage; the agent who understands how this can affect sales can plan for it.”

Momentum is the key word in autumn. How well you perform leading up to Christmas carries through into the following year. Your marketing needs to speak to potential clients when they return from holiday, the kids go back to school and the last months of the year close in.

Many clients wish to move in before Christmas and your focus will need to be on getting more viewings, increasing the chances of receiving an offer early on.

Standout numbers

13 weeks

The average time it takes to get from offer to completion (how far away is Christmas?1


was the third busiest day for completions over the last two years2

Dates for your calendar

The first week in September is usually the busiest for new listings in the second half of the year.

Completed transactions3

Source: 1:Analysis of Rightmove and Land Registry data, verified by MyHomeMove. 2. HM Land Registry / Registers of Scotland, Sep 2018 3. HMRC data, 2018

Donald Collins

Director - Go View London

“The autumn season is a great time to capitalise on achieving agreed sales with a view to completing prior to Christmas and re-visiting clients with a view of preparing them for the New Year sales market.

As with any time of the year, it is important you understand the journey your clients are on. To be constantly agreeing on business you need to be in tune with your most motivated clients.

Your first priority is the clients looking to move before Christmas. Who from your stock register has a real desire to get moved before Christmas? Are you doing everything you can in order to help them achieve this? Has the client responded to your advice in terms of aligning them to the market to help achieve this goal?

If you can answer the above you are absolutely putting your agency in the best position possible to achieve a successful last quarter of the year.

We talk to some clients for years before they put their property on the market. There is nothing wrong with this; it is a massive decision for people to make in their lives, and by being the agent that guides them over the long-term you are putting yourself in the best position possible to win the listing.”

After a short lull in property interest in December, traffic on Rightmove sees a significant spike between Boxing Day and the new year.

Get ready for the January sales by advising your vendors to be ready on Rightmove before the rush back to market. It’s important to be in a position to launch early. Get your photos, floorplans, descriptions and key features in order so you’re ready to benefit from the extra exposure.

Standout numbers


increase in pages viewed on Rightmove between Christmas Day 2017 and 2nd January 2018


The third busiest day on Rightmove between January 2017 and January 2018

Dates for your calendar

On Christmas Day 2017, traffic went from a still respectable 11m page views to 38m pages viewed on 2nd January. That was an increase of 228% and a pattern we see every year on Rightmove.

Give your sellers the gift of a huge audience of buyers1

Source: 1. Google Analytics, January 2018

Hannah Towers

Agency Partner - Armitstead Barnett LLP, Lancashire

“Based in the north west and operating throughout the rural, high end and new build sectors, many clients initially believe that marketing during winter can only be difficult.

Properties look fantastic in spring, but there are some advantages to marketing in the winter period, we just have to think outside the box!

In reality, houses marketed in winter can look fantastic when both the vendor and agent work together to make sure that the presentation to the market is exceptional. Cold crisp days with blue skies, warm fires, mulled wine and fireworks during festivities, we soon begin to feel differently.

People tend to spend more time at home during the winter months and those feelings of their home being too big, too small, too much work, start to focus potential sellers towards moving, pushing up demand in January.

Marketing in winter can have many benefits:

  • The period between Christmas and New Year is far busier than most vendors think. We ensure our sales team is at full strength during this period
  • When less stock comes to market, the good quality stock really stands out
  • During the holiday season, buyers often have more time to view prospective properties

There’s no wrong time to sell a property. A proactive agent with a good team is key to successfully marketing a home.”

Spring often means a new start, a new job and for hundreds of thousands of people every year, a new home.

30% of all new listings added to Rightmove throughout the year are uploaded in spring. When you consider the number of Bank Holiday dates throughout spring, this is a substantial number.

Standout numbers


8,227 new listings were added on Rightmove, the highest for a single day for over four years.

8pm - 9pm

The hour of the day when most leads are sent from Rightmove.

Dates for your calendar

Watch out for the last week in April 2018, as this is consistently one of the busiest weeks for new listings over the last few years on Rightmove

Rightmove email lead distribution on a weekday

Some estate agencies are starting to realise that shutting their doors as their customers come home from work isn’t enough. Are you available when your customers need you?

Source: Rightmove data, August 2018

Hetal Shah

Managing Director – Ivy Gate, Borehamwood & Barnet

“We are one of the leading agents in our patch for new instructions and sales agreed. Our success has come from being available when our customers need us.

We’ve recognised that most enquiries are sent around 8pm when other agents are closed. To make ourselves more available when our clients need us, we extended our opening hours until late into the evening.

Our clients, prospective buyers and tenants get a Personal Relationship Manager who is available for more hours of the day, including their commute to work or in the evening when they return home.

Most estate agents call through the enquiries they have missed the following day. They also call when the home mover is at work and unable to respond.

We commit to respond to an enquiry within 15 minutes, by text or even a WhatsApp message, no matter the time. This greatly increases the chance of us confirming a viewing.

This level of service extends into our after-care process. Buyers really appreciate having a dedicated member of our team, available when they need them, from the start of the process to the finish.

We’ve managed to secure more sales and lets by using technology to manage relationships out of normal working hours and by having somebody available in person for our clients.”