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Catch up on lettings month

Webinar recorded live:
Categories: Guest speakers & industry specialists,Legislation,Maximising your Rightmove membership

Throughout November we hosted a series of helpful lettings related webinars from some of the industries best and most respected figures.

We shared useful and actionable content on the latest trends, legislation and changes in the market to help keep you ahead of the competition.

Rightmove members have access to an impressive toolkit of training available to them via Lisa and our team regularly present webinars and invite guests from around the property industry to help you grow your business, train new members of your team or just simply capitalise on opportunities you didn’t even know you had.

Josh Phegan: The bigger future

In this power-packed session, Josh covered:

The future of lettings, property management and maintenance as an integrated service.
It’s one customer, and they interact with us in so many ways. The firms of the future are focused on delivering the one customer experience, managing to not only grow saleable value but to preserve asset value during the life of ownership.

How the best businesses work to a formula and stick to it.
From lead generation to wining the business you to create scalable systems that are teachable so they can grow beyond the branch and into the brand.

How the ‘jobs to be done’ ethos drives profitable growth.
Don’t muddle the customer experience, get clear on what adds value and scale it so today’s customer can generate tomorrows customer.

And the importance of leadership in small teams.
In fast-paced environments, how do you fix broken systems and serve customers? 90-day sprints and functional roles help to build more cohesive teams.

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Jane and Peter: The Ombudsman's Casebook - Emerging Issues

Jane Erskine and Peter Habert from the Property Ombudsman outlined the latest issues and provided examples of case studies to help agents avoid disputes.

The Property Ombudsman deals with nearly 30,000 enquiries every year, resulting in over 4,000 investigations. This means TPO is often faced with emerging issues and the first port of call for agents seeking advice.

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Rajeev Nayyar: How to survive and thrive in lettings

Many agents have already been affected by the Tenant Fees Ban. With even more regulatory changes looming on the horizon, the industry as a whole will face higher compliance costs and lower topline revenue. Letting Agents must use cost-effective ways to improve their service offerings and ultimately, translate the effort into bottom-line profit.

Rajeev Nayyar, MD of Fixflo, covered the learnings from their annual industry research, The Fixflo Lettings Report 2019:

  • Many say the BTL market is cooling down – What are landlords actually planning on doing with their property portfolio? Where are the opportunities for Letting Agencies to develop their services?
  • When it comes to repairs and maintenance works, what do agents, landlords and tenants expect from one another? What can agents do to meet and exceed the expectations from landlords and tenants?
  • How are we, as an industry, prepared for the Regulation of Property Agents? What can we do now to make sure we will thrive in the future of Lettings?
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David Cox: Managing Lettings Legislation

ARLA’s David Cox will get you up to speed on a number of legalisation and legal changes in the lettings market. David is a regular presenter on Rightmove webinars and always delivers fantastic insight into what’s changed and welcomes questions from agents live on the broadcast.

He covered the ongoing impact of the Tenant Fees Act, Abolition of Section 21, EPC’s and the Regulation of Property Agents Reports (RoPA).

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John Paul: How to build and grow a structured and sustainable agency

In this webinar John Paul, owner of the ten-branch Castledene Group detailed how he has grown his business to manage over 2000 properties and sell over 400 homes each year in only 10 years.

Having structure is key to building a solid and profitable business and John believes agents must stop concentrating on being the best estate or letting agent and start thinking like business people.

This webinar covered

  • How having the customer defining documents in your business will ensure you build your business with the right foundations.
  • How effective training and development of staff, not only motivates but ensures optimum performance from staff
  • How strong management can weed out the poor performers and gives staff the very best chance of succeeding
  • How prospecting should be the lifeblood of your agency
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Mark Hayward: Money Laundering Directive comes into force January 2020

Compliance is always key, here’s an opportunity to learn about the impending legislation coming into force this year.

The legislation now includes lettings as well as sales, Mark shared what he could on the changes and suggested actions to help you comply.

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