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Keyword Sort Q&A

Why is it called Keyword Sort not Keyword Search?

This new feature sorts properties based on the keyword(s) that the home-hunter inputs; it doesn’t filter out properties that don’t contain those keywords. This way we are showing home-hunters the properties that most closely match what they are looking for first without removing any properties from their search results. We believe that if we can show users the properties that most closely match what they want as quickly as possible the better quality leads they’ll send.

Does the feature filter out properties from the search results based on the keyword(s) used?

No, it does not filter out any properties from a user’s search results, instead it presents the most relevant properties at the top of their search, based on the keyword(s) they add.

How are the properties sorted when someone uses Keyword Sort?

Firstly, we filter the properties by any criteria they’ve used like location, price, property type and so on, as usual.  When the user applies keywords, we then prioritise those that most closely match the keyword(s).

So if the user has asked for properties to be prioritised by:  garden and sea view here’s how the properties will appear in their search results.

The results will use the first keyword in the list as the most important so results matching “garden” will come before those that contain “sea view”.

What happens if the user applies keywords but then changes the sort order?

If the user changes the default sort order (highest price first for sales and newest listed first for lettings) the properties will be re-prioritised according to that relevancy.  However even if the order has changed, the properties that contain their keywords will show which of the keywords are contained in that property listing.  You can see the matching keywords at the bottom of each property.

What happens to Featured Property with Keyword Sort?

Featured Property will function in the same way as it does now – it is still the best way to get your properties to the top of the search results.  If you’ve applied a Featured Property to a listing, you’ll still get both the larger, more content rich Featured Property box at the top of the search results plus a regular standard listing that appears prioritised based on the keywords applied.  The Feature Property box will appear at the top of the search pages for any search that the property matches for filters like price, location, number of bedrooms etc.  If the Featured  Property also contains one or more of the keywords, the standard listing for that property will appear relevant to how many keywords it matches.  On top of that, the keywords that match the property will be highlighted just below the standard listing.

Can you search using a phrase rather than a single word?

Yes, you can.  Keyword Sort will treat the phrase as one word.  It will match the exact phrase so any extra or missing words won’t be matched.  For example, if you use the phrase “private garden”, Keyword Sort will find results containing that exact phrase but it won’t return a listing that includes the phrase “private South-facing garden”.

Can I use negative phrases like “no pets”?

Yes, you can use words like:  “No”, “not allowed” or “doesn’t”.

Right now, Keyword Sort will only find an exact match for that phrase.  So for example, if you searched for “no pets”, you’ll see properties prioritised that include that exact phrase.  You might search for “no pets” if you were looking for a rental property and had an allergy to pet hair, for example.

However, if you want to find a rented property that will allow your pet, you can search for “pets”.  Keyword Sort will return everything that matches “pets” and it will also de-prioritise anything that contains a negative like “no pets” and “pets not allowed” so long as the negative word like “no” or “not” immediately precedes or follows the word or feature you want to exclude.

What happens if I use punctuation in my keyword – like “South-facing garden”?

Keyword Sort will find and prioritise anything with the punctuation and without.  That means, that properties that contain “South facing garden” and “South-facing garden” will both be prioritised whether you use the hyphen or not.

Why can I see the Keyword Sort when I use and my friend/colleague can’t?

We’re trialling Keyword Sort with a small number of users so we can learn how to best optimise the feature.  We’ll be rolling out the new Keyword Sort to more people as our beta test progresses.  That’s why we’ve given our Rightmove members an exclusive preview link, so you can try the feature before any of our users, access it at any time during the test and give us some feedback at the bottom of the screen.

Can you opt-in my friend/colleague/vendor/landlord?

We’re sorry, but we’re not able to opt-in users so they can see the new Keyword Sort functionality.

Which parts of my listing will Keyword Sort be using to find matches?

    • Summary descriptions
    • Premium Listing/New Home labels (if you have this product applied to your listing)
    • Key features
    • Property descriptions

Is Keyword Sort on your Commercial search pages?

No, not at the moment.  Our commercial search pages use a specialist ‘Relevancy’ sort that was designed specifically for how people search for commercial property.  We’ll be working on ways to optimise the commercial search pages in the best way with the needs of commercial property in mind.

Does Keyword Sort work on Map search?

We’re testing Keyword Sort on the search results listing view first to learn what works best for users and gives you the best results.  As we learn more, we’ll be looking to try more new features across different areas of the site so we’re continually improving.

 Why can’t I save an alert that contains my keyword features?

Right now, you can only save an alert that uses our filters (like price, location or property type).  As we test the new Keyword Sort feature, we’ll learn more about how users interact with it.  That way, we can make the best decisions about what to include in our property alerts.

Can you tell me which keywords are most popular?

We’re letting you know about Keyword Sort before we’ve released it on Rightmove.  As we begin testing we’ll learn more about how people are using keywords to search for property.  Once we have enough data, we’ll be able to share more insight into how you can make the most of keywords in your property listings.