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Keep your Rightmove Plus access secure

Categories: Maximising your Rightmove membership

Don’t let fraudsters in by giving away your Rightmove Plus log-in details.

Understand what to do if you see something fishy, share our advice for staying secure and understand your obligations if there’s a data breach.


Fishy emails – what to look out for

Be wary of emails asking you to log in to Rightmove Plus that you aren’t expecting. Make sure your team is clued up on what to look out for in emails, what to do if you receive a suspicious email and what to do if you’ve clicked on a suspicious link or attachment. This advice has been updated in December 2019 with information on the latest scams – so make sure all your team are familiar with what to look out for.

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How to protect your data

Read our best practice advice for protecting the data within your Rightmove Plus account. Essential advice to share with your team.

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What happens if there’s a data breach

Be clear on what happens if someone gains access to your Rightmove Plus account and what your responsibilities are.

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