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How to use Opportunity Manager

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What is Opportunity Manager?
Estate agents tell us that valuations are one of the most important things they need to grow their business. Opportunity Manager is designed to identify, nurture and ultimately turn more enquiries from Rightmove listings into valuation opportunities.

How does it work?
Rightmove takes lots of information and behaviour insights from people who use our website and send you enquiries. We then colour code and grade those individuals on the likelihood they will have a property to sell in the shortest time.

• Green: high likelihood to come to market
• Yellow: Still worth a call but not as urgent as the Green enquiries
•Grey: Luke warm/lower confidence. They would have been graded green or yellow at the time of loading onto your list but unfortunately, you didn’t refresh your list in time and they are now no longer as warm

How do agents benefit from using it?
It takes the guesswork out of working your database. The applicants who are more likely to come to market are clearly displayed, allowing you to focus your time and energy where you’ll see the highest returns.

What do agents need to do?
It doesn’t do everything itself, it needs your input too.
You’ll need to log in regularly and contact people in your list. By logging into Opportunity Manager, you will refresh the system and ensure your data is accurate.
The faster you respond to applicants added to the system the more accurately it can assess who might be selling their home next.

How do I know what opportunities I’ve won and lost?
We’ve created a handy dashboard that clearly displays how many of the applicants that appeared in your Opportunity Manager contact list, eventually came to market.
You’ll see how many of those instruction opportunities eventually came to market with your agency and how many went to one of your competitors. You’ll know exactly what you’ve won and lost.

How do I see the performance of multiple branches?
Providing you have the correct permissions, you can have complete visibility over the performance of all your branches in your network.
Opportunity Manager even allows you to share applicants across your network if their property fits within a patch of one of your other branches. All their information, the context of their calls to your agency and contact their information can be easily shared, helping your whole network be more successful.

How can I access the tool?
You can do this by logging into Rightmove Plus. Providing your branch has access to the tool, you’ll see Opportunity Manager in the left hand menu.

Who can access the tool?
The information within Opportunity Manager is sensitive data and needs to comply with GDPR regulations. All users must have their own login. Shared logins such as aren’t allowed to help ensure you’re not at risk of breaching these regulations.
Managers may need permissions set so they can see multiple branches, this can easily be achieved by speaking to our customer services team.

Why do some applicants appear in the lists for other branches?
When you have multiple branches of the same network with overlapping patches on Rightmove then you may see the same applicant in multiple applicant lists within Opportunity Manager.
To avoid this you might want to fine-tune the patches of your branches.

Can I plug Opportunity Manager into our own CRM and manage the applicants there?
Sorry, not at the moment. It’s certainly something we will aim for but at the moment we are concentrating on just getting applicant feedback straight into Opportunity Manager to ensure we are delivery the best data to you.