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How to thrive as an agency in post-pandemic Britain – with Richard Rawlings

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Lockdown has prompted changes in consumer behaviour and within your Estate Agency businesses and the initiatives announced in the 2021 Budget look to have accelerated these changes. We’re pleased to welcome back one of our most popular webinar contributors, agency trainer Richard Rawlings to discuss what this means for your future. Come and find out why Richard is fizzing with excitement for some agents, but is frustrated by others who he says, just don’t seem to get it!

In Richard’s words:

“Now is not the time to sit back and see what happens. This is an opportunity to shake off your old selves and attack your future with a renewed sense of purpose, as if starting from scratch, only better. It’s also a great time to communicate your expertise in order to provide reassurance and confidence to a confused public.

2021 will increasingly become a watershed opportunity for open-minded agents. Forget what you know and come on a journey of self-discovery!

You’ll come away from this webinar:

1. Able to explain the implications of the recent budget to clients, in upbeat terms
2. Knowing what you stand for, and what you mean to your clients in 2021
3. Taking a cynical look at your own website and review if it is really fit for purpose today
4. Understanding how to effectively operate an agency in a more divided, post-pandemic Britain

Audience: Managers, Listers and Senior Negotiators.