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How to protect your Rightmove Plus access

Categories: Maximising your Rightmove membership


Don’t let fraudsters in by giving away your Rightmove Plus log-in details.

Follow our tips below for protecting your Rightmove Plus account from scammers.

How you can help to protect your Rightmove Plus account

  • Never share usernames and passwords between multiple people. Every Rightmove Plus user in your business must have their own log-in details. Having generic accounts such as will leave your business exposed. Don’t worry – your branch email leads can continue to appear in your agency’s shared inbox, even when you have unique log-ins for Rightmove Plus. Contact us about setting up individual log-ins for you.
  • Let us know when someone leaves your business, so that we can remove their access straight away. If your staff are sharing a log-in and an employee moves to a competitor, would you want them to still have access to your reports?
  • Only use work email addresses. We can’t accept generic domains like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.
  • Use a strong password that’s at least 11 characters long, including upper case, lower case letters, numbers and a symbol.
  • Change your passwords at least every 6 months as a matter of best practice.
  • Don’t use the same password for Rightmove Plus as your email account or other popular websites. You could easily give a fraudster access to them all.