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GDPR Advanced Course

Why GDPR is important:

While securing data is a company obligation, employees within a company are responsible for securing that data. The ICO expects companies to have internal policies and to discipline staff who break those rules. When the ICO investigates a data breach they routinely ask which policies were violated and what sanctions have been taken against the people who broke them.

Everyone is responsible for data protection and privacy by law, and so our brand new on-demand foundation course aims to help you tackle the principles of General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR).

With the help of David Smith, Partner at JMW Solicitors, our easy to follow course meets ICO standards for GDPR compliance. David specialises in residential property rights and agency and has experience of a wide range of property litigation.

David has written or contributed to a number of books and journal articles on these topics and is highly sought after as a speaker and lecturer.

Who should take this course?

We recommend that business owners, directors, and managers undertake the Advanced GDPR course. The course is only available to Rightmove members.

What to expect:

5 modules available on video, on demand. Each ranging from 20 – 45 minutes long.

You’ll learn about the GDPR in detail, Security in the GDPR, Information and access, Transferring data and finally, what you can and can’t do when it comes to Marketing and the GDPR.

At the end of each module, there will be a test with five questions based on what you have just learned. A personalised certificate is issued at the end of each module if a pass mark of 80% or over is achieved.

Certificates count towards your CPD and can be used as evidence to the ICO that minimum standards of Data Protection have been adhered to, please keep hold of your certificates safely. You can find more information on the ICO recommendations below.

To take part in the course and have certificates issued in your name, you must use your own work email address. The use of shared email is not supported.

GDPR in detail: 32 minutes, plus test.

This module builds on the foundation course, looking at the principles, rights and processing bases in more detail.

It also looks at what a compliant firm looks like and discusses the concept of privacy by default and design and the need for data protection officers.

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Security and the GDPR: 26 minutes, plus test.

Data security and assurance is a key element of the GDPR.

This module looks at security in much more detail and what organisations can do to improve their data security and evidence that work.

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Information and Access: 44 minutes, plus test.

The two issues of the provision of information to data subject and the handling of subject access requests create a lot of concern and consume a great deal of energy.

This module aims to shed light on what information needs to be provided and how to handle access requests from data subjects. It also looks at the proper way to deal with data protection breaches.

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Transferring data: 26 minutes, plus test.

The GDPR often makes the transfer of data much easier in many circumstances. However, it makes data transfer far more complex when it is being moved outside the UK and EEA. This module considers the respective roles of data controllers and data processors, contracts between them, and the process needed to allow for international data transfers.

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Marketing and the GDPR: 19 minutes, plus test.

One of the most important effects of the GDPR is its role in controlling marketing. There are also important interactions with other legislation, such as the PECR. This module considers what marketing can and cannot be conducted under the GDPR and how it is authorised.

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Please note, the GDPR Course is only available to Rightmove customers. You must use your branch or office email address. (E.G Personal accounts ( etc) and shared email accounts will not be accepted.

View the foundation course here

ICO’s minimum training standards

How our course delivers

Training needs to be relevant
Designed for property professionals
Training should be refreshed every year Bite-size on-demand videos for new starters or existing staff
Tests are advisable Testing follows each module
Evidence of training is recommended CPD certificate provided
Record keeping of training is essential Get your whole team to complete the course and keep copies of their certificates