Fight the fee war – how to win more against lower fees and over-valuations

Webinar recorded live – 13th February 2019

There’s no denying that the market is very competitive. Agents are coming up against over-valuing and some areas are turning into a battleground over fees.

So how can you win the vendor’s trust and ultimately be the agent that sells the property, without compromising on your fee or losing out to an over-valuation?

In this new webinar we covered the techniques agents are using to help build vital trust between you and your next potential instruction.

We looked at how Rightmove’s free tools can help you to:

• Win more instructions first time around, without dropping your fee
• Win secondary instructions you originally lost to an over-valuing agent
• Make sure that, once you’ve won the instruction, you’re the agent that goes on to sell or let the property

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