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Evicting Nightmare Tenants and Retaining Your Landlords

Webinar recorded live on

Presented by Paul Shamplina, star of Channel 5’s ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’ and founder of Landlord Action.

Nightmare tenants can cost you and your Landlord time, effort and, above all, money! That’s why we have brought in expert Paul Shamplina, who will share his tips on how to avoid letting to nightmare tenants in the first place and, if one slips through the net, offers his expert advice on minimizing the losses they can cause.

4 key takeaways listeners will learn

Paul will talk about the steps before the tenancy starts to take to ensure a smooth process at the end of the tenancy

• He’ll show what you can do during a tenancy to avoid hiccups when a tenancy ends

• He’ll also explain what to do if the end of a tenancy DOES go wrong, how to resolve the issue and ultimately mitigate any losses

• Paul will show you how to increase your chances of retaining a landlord when they’ve had a nightmare tenant