5 Quick Hacks That Will Make People Click on Your Emails

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Our Digital Marketing team sends emails on behalf of estate agents every day, so they’re pretty clued up on the elements of an email that work best to drive engagement.

Here are their 5 top tips.

Include local property market information

Local property market information works well to grab the reader’s attention. Just make sure that you tailor this information to your different audiences.

When emailing vendors, talk about what price properties in the area have recently sold for. Landlords are going to be more interested in the yields/rental values and the available investment opportunities. Finally, buyers and renters are going to want to hear about the available properties.

Using imagery

Is your imagery eye catching? Is it relevant to your email?

The images used within an email need to grab your recipient’s attention and help make it clear what the email is about. Think of the audience and the message of the email and try to use images that reflect the topic and that consumers can relate to.

Try to avoid office photos and team images for main headers. They’re generic and clichéd and only by standing out will you grab your reader’s attention.

Make your content user-focused

Is your content relevant to the user? Does it interest them?

Understanding your target audience is essential in order to achieve this. Work out what their needs are, and tailor emails accordingly to encourage them to engage. Don’t just make it all about you and your services. Talk about how they solve a problem your customer has.

Calls to action

Strong calls to action are a brilliant way to drive engagement. Your calls to action should:

  • Stand out
  • Be user friendly on both a desktop and mobile

If you’re using full-width buttons, make sure that they have arrows on to indicate that they’re clickable.

Mobile responsiveness

Finally, make sure your email is optimised for mobile devices. Around 67% of emails sent by Rightmove are opened on a mobile – and your audience is probably similar. Think mobile-first to achieve better engagement.

So next time you send out an email to your customers, make sure you take on board these 5 tips to stand more chance of achieving success.

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