Changes to Agent Microsites putting the spotlight on your brand

We’re updating your Agent Microsite so that your brand message takes centre stage and so your properties look their best.

You’ll see these key changes to your Agent Microsite.

Here’s what’s changing

1. Replacing the “Recent Properties” feed to the right of the “About Us” page with a call to action button inviting people to view your properties.  This simpler button puts more emphasis on your message and brand while giving potential vendors and landlords the ability to see how your branch markets properties.

2. Showing your branch’s properties in the new style search format. When people click the new call to action button to view your branch’s property list, they’ll see your stock within the new search pages, highlighting your stock completely separately from that of your competitors and with added branding to side of the results, along with a link that will take people back to your Agent Microsite to learn more about why they should choose you.

3. Removing under-used tabs.  To help keep your customer’s attention focussed on your brand, we’ll be removing the pages that are not highly used, including:  “Our Area” and the “Current Properties” pages.  You can include copy in any of your other Microsite pages to list the areas where you operate. Your Current Properties can be seen from the new call to action button, that takes your customers to your branch’s properties within the newly designed search pages

The best performing elements of your microsite will stay the same.

Here’s what’s staying the same

 1. Your optimised branding on your property details pages

2.  Your choice of content on your Agent Microsite  

You are in complete control of the copy on your Agent Microsite and can edit, add or remove pages yourself at any time, including:

About Us
Meet Our Team
Recently Sold Properties

For now, the Recently Sold Properties section of your Agent Microsite will still show our older search results style. We’ll let you know when we expect to see the next update for your Agent Microsite.

What happens next?

You don’t need to do anything, but you may want to take the opportunity to refresh your branding on your Microsite.  Remember the services of our in-house Design Studio are included in the cost of your Agent Microsite so you can change your branding at no extra cost.  Get your changes through to us easily by clicking the button below to fill out a Amend Request Form.

Button to amend request form

What will happen if you have products that link to a page on your Agent Microsite?

We’ll automatically update the links on your products.  If you are currently using Rightmove advertising products, like a Featured Agent banner

or a Local Homepage banner…

to drive traffic to your current properties on your Agent Microsite, we’ll automatically update your links so that they show your branch properties in the new search results pages – an easy to find navigation will take people from your properties to your Agent Microsite so they can read more about why they should choose you.

If you want to change which page we link to on your Agent Microsite,  send us an email and we can change it for you.


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