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Are you using social media to its full potential?

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We asked five agents a few questions about why they use social media.

These agents have done a great job promoting their services over social media and they have shared their advice. If you have insightful, engaging and fresh content you’re doing it right!

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Fells Estate Agent: We choose content that we feel our local audience would appreciate, so pictures of the local area, unique properties and blog posts with tips and advice to homeowners.

Bryan and Keegan: It’s a mixture of industry related news such as interest rates, mortgages and market trends that’s also blended with local content and articles that we feel will be of interest.

Spicerhaart: We look to see what works and what doesn’t from an analytical point of view. Tailoring our content around what gets the best results plays a high role in our overall strategy.

Portico: We try and make our content relevant, not just to our audience and social channels, but we also comment and create content on things that are currently going on.

Countrywide:We choose content which we feel will engage our audience the most. Our core content consists of a mix of property and service led posts and informative industry related posts.

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Fells Estate Agent: Images of local recognised landmarks always go down well but also the blog posts with advice are very popular!

Portico: Relevant and interesting content – especially when it contains a photo or video.

Countrywide:Unusual and quirky property, posts that highlight local community engagement and all the good work our staff are doing.

Spicerhaart: Quirky features and stunning interiors, as well as property market news definitely garners the most engagement for us.

Bryan and Keegan: Local content such as festivals and community events always get a good response as people can relate to. Competitions and blogs are also popular.

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Spicerhaart: It’s hard to choose one! The reason being is that we find Twitter brings the most content engagement, whereas Facebook is where we garner the most ROI.

Bryan and Keegan: Twitter is probably a slight favourite as it is fairly easy to communicate with people.

Countrywide:Facebook works best for us from a marketing perspective for its targeting capability, user base and visual content opportunities. However Twitter is our main channel for customer support.

Portico: Twitter is one of our best channels, it is great for sharing news and being insightful. Instagram also works well for us; everyone loves a bit of “property porn!”

Fells Estate Agent: Facebook and Twitter. Both channels offer a huge audience of a range of ages. Engagement is probably higher on Twitter due to local “Twitter Hours” you can participate in which have a local audience!

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Bryan and Keegan: It helps with brand awareness and being able to engage with a local audience. Social media is used by most people in some form, so has the potential to reach far and wide.

Portico: It helps us reach out to new clients, spread brand awareness and also spread insightful, useful content.

Fells Estate Agent: Social Media is fantastic for brand awareness and to also show a personal side to a business. I recently was contacted by a solicitor on Twitter to provide a probate valuation which in fact lead to an instruction, so it has certainly provided us with business as well as exposure!

Spicerhaart: Social media brings a great benefit from a brand and engagement point of view. It is a method we use to convey our brand values and build a community.

Countrywide:Primarily social media helps us connect with our customers. Social customer feedback, filters through the business and helps ensure we’re moving in the right direction and putting our customers first. It also allows us to showcase some of our best properties and drive interest to those branches.

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Countrywide:Don’t use social media as another sales channel for property. Focus on sharing content beneficial to your audience and stay professional.

Fells Estate Agent: Post a range of content, it’s all about being social with your audience and engage with them instead of just sell sell sell!

Portico: Show some personality – and be social! Make sure you engage as well, through liking, sharing, re tweeting and commenting!

Spicerhaart: Diversify your content throughout your channels! Keeping it fresh will help you avoid stagnation and potentially boring your fans toward the unfollow button.

Bryan and Keegan: Try and keep content fresh and make regular posts. Social media is something you have to build on, you won’t always get instant results, so stick with it!

Thank you to the agencies who took part, follow @RightmovePro for more handy social media tips.