Is newspaper advertising still delivering for you?

Once the go-to form of advertising for estate agents, we look at what the future might hold for newspaper advertising. Is it still a worthwhile use of your marketing budget? Here’s an overview of the wider trends and a way you can check what’s happening to circulation in your local market.

What does the evidence say?

Newspaper circulation is in decline

Whether you look at the local press, or big national titles, circulation is falling.

Local papers lost 11.2% of their audience in the second half of 2016.

Most regional papers are seeing year on year decline in circulation of at least 10% and some titles are down by 20% or more.

The picture is the same for national press. 7 of the major national papers are losing more than 10% of their readers every year.

So what are advertisers doing instead?

In short, they’ve moved more of their spend online.

Across all industries, regional newspaper advertising spend fell by 6.2% in 2016, with national newspaper spend down 11%. Over the same period, the online advertising market grew by 17.3%. Why? That’s where the audience has moved.

What’s happening in your market?

Naturally, you’ll have a sense of what advertising works and doesn’t work in your local area.

But did you know you can find out the circulation of your local paper, using JICREG?  It’s completely free – just register, log in and search for your paper.

How does this compare to the visibility you get in Rightmove searches in your local area? Your Account Manager can help you compare the exposure you get across your different marketing channels.

See how other leading agents have seen success from moving their marketing away from newpapers.

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