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Money Laundering – get clear on the facts with the National Crime Agency

Webinar recorded live on

Rightmove and the Flag It Up campaign teamed up to run an exclusive free webinar aimed at helping Estate Agents to further understand the risks posed to them by money laundering and looking at how they can help disrupt the threat.

Tony Fitzpatrick and Michael Hindes are Liaison Officers at the United Kingdom Intelligence Unit (UKIFU) within the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Their knowledge and experience puts them at the forefront of the fight against money laundering and the risks it poses not only to our communities, but the Estate Agents within them.

Together Tony and Michael explored:
·        The reality of the Money Laundering problem and what it means to you.
·        The risks to your business and the need-to-know red flags to look out for.
·        The importance of a quality Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and what you need to know when compiling one.


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