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Accredited Anti-Money Laundering Course for Property Professionals

All customer-facing staff in estate and lettings agencies must be trained in: Anti Money Laundering (AML) awareness and Bribery

In addition to this, all estate and letting agents must comply with: The Proceeds of Crime Act

Furthermore, agents dealing with high value properties must comply with: Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

We have partnered with JMW Solicitors to help all agents with their legal compliance and have produced two courses to give you the tools and information you need.

The AML Foundation course, for all customer-facing staff.

3 modules: 1 hour of training

  • The law and the specifics for estate and lettings agents
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Anti-Bribery

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The AML Advanced course, for all senior staff

3 modules: 1 hour of training

  • Development of an AML policy
  • Reporting suspicions to the National Crime Agency
  • How the HMRC regulates agents

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You will be awarded your “Pass Certificate” on successful completion of the course and the online tests for each module.

Exclusive to Rightmove members at no extra cost. RRP £195 per person, per course. 

Please note, the AML Course is only available to Rightmove customers. You must use your branch or office email address. (E.G Personal accounts ( etc) and shared email accounts will not be accepted.

To satisfy the HMRC, anti-money laundering (AML) training should be:

  1. Relevant to the sector and role

Your team needs to have training on an appropriate range of financial crime risks relevant to their role and seniority as a property professional.

How our course delivers:  Our trainer, David Smith is a property solicitor who specialises in regulation including Client Money Protection, data protection and anti-money laundering for property professionals.  Our foundation course provides essential knowledge for all staff and our more advanced course is aimed at senior staff who are exposed to higher financial risk.

  1. Of consistent quality and up to date

Put your entire team through our AML training to train them to the same standard.

How our course delivers:  Our on-demand content ensures that everyone in your team has access to the same high-quality content created by a property solicitor with the latest advice for property professionals. Put the refresher training into your teams diaries on regular basis.

  1. Ready and available for new staff as soon as they start

The HMRC expects that any of your team in customer-facing positions must undertake their AML training before they interact with customers.

How our course delivers: Available on-demand, our training can be completed by a new starter at the start of their induction, allowing you to get on with your own tasks while they work their way through each module.

  1. Practical and with some form of testing

The HMRC advises that AML training should be practical and include assessments. The HMRC also specifically calls out poor practice as failing to identify training needs – testing with will also help you identify members of your team who are struggling with the topic and may need extra support or guidance.

How our course delivers: Every module is followed by a test so that you can demonstrate your adherence to HMRC’s best practice if it were ever needed.

  1. Logged and tracked with full employee training history

The HMRC specifically warns against failing to keep financial crime prevention training logs or tracking of employee’s training history.

How our course delivers: This course is CPD accredited and we’ll provide a certification of completion.  Keep a record of all your team’s certificates so that you have them to hand.

Accredited CPD:  High standards of Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Our partnership with the CPD Service means that all our CPD approved content is:

  • Written to a framework of standards and best practice
  • Independently audited regularly

High standards, certified training

Our partnership with the CPD Service means that all our CPD approved content is:

  • written to a framework of standards and best practice
  • Independently audited regularly