Alternatives to canvassing for finding new business

Where do you turn when you’re looking for new business?

When new instructions need a boost, canvassing is often the go-to form of marketing for many agents. Although it can be effective, it’s worth taking a look at our 4 key questions to ask before posting your next lot of leaflets.

This article explores the ways you could use Rightmove instead to achieve the same objectives more effectively.

Best for…attracting vendors and landlords

Featured Property

It’s like…a virtual 20-20 ‘sold in your area’ campaign

With Featured Property, you can highlight the type of property you sell or let – right at the top of the Rightmove search results. With 41% of Rightmove searchers saying they also have a property to sell, it’s a great chance to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Why consider Featured Property over canvassing?

  • “Show, don’t tell”. It’s a demonstration of your premium marketing.
  • Differentiate yourself from other agents – only one property is featured per page.
  • Reach landlords – 24% of Rightmove users have a property that they rent out.

Agent’s view

“Vendors start researching potential agents far earlier in the process than when they contact an agent. They now use our presentation on Rightmove to judge us as much as they used to be influenced by For Sale boards or shop windows. We want them to think ‘Look at how well they promote their properties on Rightmove –  I want to advertise my house with them’”

Martyn Baum, Regional Sales Manager, Arnolds Keys, Norfolk.


Best for…brand awareness

Featured Agent

It’s like…a virtual For Sale board

With Featured Agent, your brand is seen prominently by people actively looking at properties in your area.

Why consider Featured Agent over canvassing?

  • Lower wastage – you’ll only be seen by people searching in your area. People will start looking up to 12 months before they’re ready to buy/sell, giving you consistent visibility when they’re most active.
  • Target areas where you have no/low stock, to grow awareness.
  • Reach landlords – 24% of Rightmove users have a property that they rent out.

Agent’s view:

“Featured Agent is all about getting our brand out there. Every valuation we get, we ask where they heard of us. They usually say Rightmove, so that proves that they’re working well for us. If you look at the amount of exposure we get compared to competitors, it backs that up.”

Victoria Lang-Whiston, Owner, Lang-Whiston Estates, Oldham
Lang-Whiston’s brand is seen by at least 20,000 more visitors per week than agents in their area that don’t use Featured Agent.

Best for…building your marketing database

eLeaflet campaigns

It’s like…a virtual leaflet drop

Your message sent to a motivated database of people actively looking at properties in your area.

Why consider eLeaflets over canvassing?

  • Results are measurable – see what’s working and continue to optimise your campaigns to deliver better results.
  • Lower waste – only target people who have recently searched in your area on Rightmove.
  • Direct people to your own website, where you can use content and tools to engage them.

To see how you could get a better return on your investment through Rightmove than by canvassing, speak to your Account Manager.

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