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7 appropriate questions you could ask your database (from Richard Rawlings)

Agency Success Coach Richard Rawlings joined us for an exclusive webinar on 31st March, focussing on helping you devise an appropriate marketing strategy in the current climate. 

Here’s the advice he gave when asked what might an appropriate call-out to someone on our database look like?”

“You shouldn’t be pushing hard to get a valuation or view a property. But you still need to connect.

Remember your purpose is to help people move. In the current climate it might be adjusted slightly to preparing to help people move.

I’d suggest calling for a chat and doing a quick survey. It’s a way you can have a decent conversation that isn’t too “salesy” and you’ll also come away with great content you can write about.

You might open with something like “Hi it’s Richard from Rawlings Estates. I hope you’re safe and well. How are you finding things? The reason for my call is I’m currently working with buyers and local homeowners to build a picture of attitudes towards the property market in Chelmsford. Could I ask for your help please? I’ve got 7 questions.” (If you ask for help, they’re more likely to give it, and you’ve set the expectation it won’t be a long call).

Questions you might want to ask are:
1. How long have you lived in your current property?
2. When did you next expect to move house?
3. Where were you in the process?
4. What was your main reason for considering a move?
5. If that reason is still valid, how is the pandemic affecting your moving plans?
6. Do you know any vulnerable people who might need help at this time? (Generosity is key at this time – show some kindness and empathy).
7. If the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, would you still consider moving?

At the end of it, ask them if they’d like to see the results of the survey. Then you’ve got a reason to contact them and share something helpful with them.

Anything that gets them to say “yes” is a good thing as you’re getting permission to continue to engage.
This survey could also work in an email or social media – but you’re likely to get more engagement and have better conversations over the phone.”

Watch the full recording of Richard’s webinar or read a summary of his key takeaways on the link below.

Watch the webinar recording >