4 key questions to consider before your next canvassing campaign

Did you know?

8.7 million items of unaddressed mail are delivered in the UK every day. That’s twice the amount of 5 years ago.

With doormats saturated, is canvassing still an effective use of your limited marketing budget? Before embarking on your next round of leafleting, here are four things to consider.

Will it be seen?

Research from the Direct Marketing Association says that only 23% of leaflets are read.

  • Looking for landlords? Sending print marketing to the property is unlikely to reach them.
  • Will it get past the concierge in a managed building? How will you reach rural properties?
  • If you do get through the letterbox, how likely is it that your message will stand out from all the other mail on the doormat?

How relevant is your audience?

  • Only 4% of your patch will move every year. Assuming 23% of your leaflets are read (see above), you’d need to deliver 100 to reach one person currently in the market.
  • How many buyers are from your immediate area? Over 40% of Rightmove enquiries come from buyers who live outside of the area of the property. You won’t reach them by canvassing the local area.

What’s the cost?

  • Canvassing to reach the 4% of your patch that move every year needs to be regular and sustained – a potentially very costly exercise.
  • How long does it take to hand deliver 1,000 leaflets? How much does it cost? What’s the missed opportunity from one of your staff being out of the office for a day? If you use an external distribution company, how much is that costing? And how confident are you that it will actually be delivered?

If they do see your leaflet, what ‘space’ is someone in when they look at it?

  • What is your potential client thinking about when they come through the door? Probably not property. They’re faced with numerous distractions at the point they pick up the post. Children. Pets. Bills.
  • People are on Rightmove for only one reason – because they’re interested in property.
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