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3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for leaders during lockdown (from Matt Nicol)

Matt Nicol runs Nicol & Co, a multi branch agency in Worcestershire employing over 30 staff. Matt shared his advice for all leaders during lockdown during a recent webinar and here’s a summary of his three Do’s and Don’t for those adjusting to leading a team from home.


  • Do be there for each other. By that I mean your family, your staff and your community. Plan in regular video calls with people to stay in touch and keep talking, both inside and outside of work.
  • Do plan for the boom. We’re going through a bit of a pause. But think about when the market does pick up, where do you want to be? What things can you do now to help you get there? Use some of this quieter time wisely and don’t waste a day.
  • Focus on your fitness. A health body leads to a healthy minds. As well as work goals, set yourself some fitness goals. I’ve set myself a target of being fitter than ever. This situation gives me the opportunity to focus more on that than I otherwise would’ve ever been able to.


  • Don’t read too much into the media. Listen to the government advice and distill it to your team so they understand how to talk about it with clients on the phone to give them the best advice. Don’t get consumed by the news – listen to what you need to once a day and then take a breather.
  • Don’t drink more alcohol than normal. It doesn’t lead to a productive day the next day and isn’t good for your mental health.
  • Don’t go through this alone. Speak to as many people around you and in the industry as possible. There is so much free advice available and now’s the time to soak it all up to better yourself.

For more tips and advice, listen to the full webinar recording or read a summary of the key take-aways on the link below.

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