Prospecting with Rightmove Intel

bulbYou told us your biggest challenge was winning new instructions, so we’ve updated Rightmove Intel to do just that!

Rightmove Intel helps you gain insight into your market share, identify potential valuation opportunities and convert more valuations into instructions.  Todays blog focusses on valuation opportunities.

Tip of the Trade

Winning instructions is a challenge that won’t be alien to many of you.  With less property coming to market and more agents in business the fight for sellers and landlords is fierce.

To help you win, the Rightmove team have worked closely with our customer base to create Rightmove Intel, so you can identify instructions, prove success and gather market share insight.

How can Rightmove Intel be used to prospect new business?

The Time on Market report can help you create a prospecting list of sellers that could be disappointed with how long their property is taking to sell.

It’s important to filter the data to get the most valuable prospect information for you. Here’s how:

weeksWeeks on market:

Filter to show property that is still available after a number of weeks, depending on the time frame that matches your local market.  For example, you could enter 12 weeks here.


Remove sale agreed property to ensure the report gives you the most up to date opportunities.


Agents already using the Time on Market report tell us they export the data into Excel and make a comparison to their own valuation data.  This allows them to compare whether they’ve already identified the seller/landlord, and if they can build a relationship with them going forward.

Want to find about using Rightmove Intel to prospect and win instructions in the home? Sign up to our brand new webinar today by checking out our webinar calendar