Monitoring and understanding your market share

bulbYou told us your biggest challenge was winning new instructions, so we’ve updated Rightmove Intel to do just that!

Rightmove Intel helps you gain insight into your market share, identify potential valuation opportunities and convert more valuations into instructions.  In this article we look at the different market share measures and how you can use them to keep track on your success.

‘Tip of the Trade’

Have you recently made changes to your marketing campaign or the packages you offer to sellers and landlords?  Perhaps you’ve set your team a new goal to achieve within a certain time-frame?  Intel can help you understand if these campaigns are effective or if your goals are being met as you’d expect.

How can Intel help me understand my market share?

pieLets say, for example, you’ve recently launched a new marketing campaign aimed solely at winning more instructions.  The New Instructions measure demonstrates where you sit against the local competition in an easy to understand pie chart.

At a glance you can login and see if your position has changed.  Is the campaign working or does it needs some tweaks for it to achieve its overall aim?

On the other hand you can use the data to support goals you set within the business.  If you’re currently sitting at 4th on the ‘Sales Agreed’, set your team a goal, can you climb to 2nd within a certain time frame?

Agents who adopt this method have had great success with their teams logging in regularly to motivate themselves to do better!

The data across all measures updates daily and goes back 14 months enabling you to do year-on-year comparisons to gain a greater understanding of how you perform against the competition.

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