Exploring the opportunity in new areas

bulbYou told us your biggest challenge was winning new instructions, so we’ve updated Rightmove Intel to do just that!

Rightmove Intel helps you gain insight into your market share, identify potential valuation opportunities and convert more valuations into instructions.  Today we explore how it can support you if you’re thinking about expanding your business into new areas.

‘Tip of the Trade’

With increased competition we’re seeing more and more agents expanding the patches in which they operate.  Rightmove Intel can provide comprehensive data which can help shape and support your decision when expansion is being considered.

How can Intel help me explore new areas?

Intel can help you suss out the competition, gain a better understanding of what is happening in these potential new areas, and once you’ve made your decision to go ahead, provide prospect lists of vendors and landlords to contact.

postcodesYou can quickly and easily identify the competition in your chosen area by changing postcodes.

Using New Instructions as an example, simply click through to the main report within Intel.  On the right hand side you have a selection of filters.

Select Postcodes and deselect the defaults.  Simply type in the new postcode areas you want to explore, hit update and the report will give you all the information for that area.

Armed with this data you can research the competition in more detail and create a marketing campaign to ensure you stand out to set you on the path to winning.

Obviously it can take time to start building market share in a new area so regularly check your market share within Intel to monitor your progress and track your success.

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